How to add a spreadsheet to Google Merchant
How to submit a spreadsheet to Google Merchant.

In this article we will explain how to easily submit you product data to Google Merchant using Google Spreadsheet.     How to add a new spreadsheet data feed 1) Login to your Google Merchant Account. 2) Click on Manage

Google Shopping Apparel Requirements
Google Shopping Apparel Requirements

Selling apparel products on Google Shopping requires extra attributes compared to standard non apparel products. In this article I will cover what the requirements are. When you are selling apparel products you have two main categories. One where you have

Google Merchant Product Feed Review
Google Merchant Product Feed Review

In normal circumstances a data feed review will take up to 3 working days. However in certain situations this can take longer. There are two elements Google validates, which are your website domain and the data feed. What are the website validations?

How to export error report from Google Merchant
How to export Google Merchant error report

There are two areas you can export two types of reports. One is the data feed report the other is the diagnostics report. Export the data feed report Login to your Google Merchant Account Click on your data feed, which

Google Shopping Category Update
Google AdWords: Shopping campaigns affected by Google product categories update

By now you might have received an email from Google informing you that certain categories needs to be updated. If you currently have products match the categories below, you will need to update your current data feed. I recommend you update

How to add negative keywords to Google Shopping
How to add negative keywords for Google Shopping

Before we start adding negative keywords, we will need to find the searched keywords first.     How to find searched keywords. When you select your campaign you can ether first select your ad group. When you are in the

Google Shopping Promotions Explained
What is Google Merchant Promotions?

Google Merchant promotions is a feature that allows you to add promotion on Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Images. Common misunderstanding. A common misunderstanding is that Google Promotions is a checkout redemption system which means that you can not

What is Google Shopping
What is Google Shopping?

    What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a paid product listing marketplace for online retailers, which works in a similar way to Adwords Text Ads (you pay per click). The customers can compare prices between merchants. Instead of providing keywords,

Adding Structured Data to Magento for Google Merchant (JSON-LD & Microdata)
Adding Structured Data to Magento for Google Merchant (JSON-LD & Microdata)

  In this article, I will explain in an easy way how to add the correct structured data to Magento for Google Shopping using Microdata or JSON-LD. What template are you using? First, we need to know which template you are

How to add another website to Google Merchant Center
How to add another website to Google Merchant Center

In Google Merchant Center you are not restricted to only one website. If you are a merchant or an individual that owns several different websites, you can request a multi-client account. Having a multi-account will allow you to add multiple

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