Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy

Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy

Products that belong in Google’s Taxonomy list of Apparel such as t-shirts, jewelry, ties, gloves etc… need to have colors, size, gender and age group assigned. Not doing this will not allow you to add the products into Google Merchant. Using FeedArmy you can automatically map all these values in a very fast and effective way.

How to setup the rules for variant values

Login to Shopify and go to a product with variant options.

In the image below, you can see my variants which are color, size and gender (circled in red). To correctly map these in FeedArmy, we simply need to write down the order of the variants. For example in my case the first one is color, size than gender. This can be different from your account depending on how you have set it up.

Shopify Variants

Now login to FeedArmy and go to Import Tools > Import Rules

Select the target attribute, as the first one is color, I will choose color.

Than select use values from existing attributes, and choose from the drop down list option 1 and click on save.

FeedArmy Import Rule Color

You will see 3 options, each of them represents the variants in Shopify, please remember that in your case, maybe the first one is size. So do make sure you follow the first step to check which ones you have assigned.

  • Option 1 : Color
  • Option 2 : Size
  • Option 3 : Gender

Now save the rule and repeat the process for the other two attributes.

The last attribute is age group, if you have the age group as a variant you can repeat the steps above, however as Shopify limits the options to only 3, the likelihood of you having this assigned is less likely. To resolve this issue we can do 1 of the 2 tasks.

If you only have 1 age group, lets say adult. Than you can apply a rule with a static value.

Go to Import Tools > Import Rules and select age group as your target attribute, you can than choose a static value for all your products.

FeedArmy Import Rule Age Group


If you have multiple different age groups, than you can use the search and replace tool to search for a specific keyword in the title and assign a value to age group for the matched products. I have written a great article on how to use the search and replace tool.


Because FeedArmy gives you the tools to edit both manual and automatic, to avoid importing product info from overwriting your edits you will need to enable the update rules for the attributes you want to update. Please read step 2.3 in the article how to connect Shopify to FeedArmy.

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