Magento 2 Create REST API Credentials

Step 1

Login to Magento admin panel and navigate to System > User Role

Magento System User Role

Step 2

Add a new user role by clicking on New User Role

Magento New User Role

Add a Role Name

Enable a custom Role Resources

  • FeedArmy Index
  • Catalog > Inventory > Products
  • Catalog > Inventory > Categories
  • Stores > Settings > All Settings > Configuration > Inventory Section
Magento Role Resources

Then click on save role

Step 3

Navigate to System > All Users and click on Add New User

Magento System All Users

Add the following :

  • user name
  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • password
Magento Add New User Details

Link the user role

Magento Link User Role

Then click on save user

Step 4

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Platform Settings


  • Add the Magento website
  • Your REST API username and password
  • Select your target country
FeedArmy Magento Settings


You can choose to import products that are parents only, ie: configurable product or also the variants, ie: simple product.

FeedArmy Magento Configuration

Category Mapping

Here we can map a Magento Category to a Google Shopping Category. This allows us to automatically assign multiple different categories.

You can use the Category Finder to find your category and copy the results to associate to a Magento Category

FeedArmy Magento Cateogry Mapping

What’s Next?

  1. Import Rules
  2. Update Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    1. Bulk Import CSV
  6. The final step, connect your data feed.

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