Import WooCommerce to FeedArmy For Google Shopping


Import WooCommerce to FeedArmy For Google Shopping

A step by step tutorial to connecting your WooCommerce products to FeedArmy and export them to Google Merchant.

Step 1 Install Plugin

Install the FeedArmy Plugin for WordPress

Step 2 Navigate to Import Settings

Login to your FeedArmy application and go to Import Tools > Platform Settings and select WooCommerce from the platform selection box

FeedArmy Platform Settings


Step 3 Connect WooCommerce

Enter the URL of your WordPress installation. For example and click on Connect WooCommerce

If WordPress is installed in a folder, than include the folder for the URL.

Do Note : You need to install the WordPress plugin first.

You will then receive a success message. If it failed please ensure you have no WordPress plugins installed that block feeds.

Connect WooCommerce to FeedArmy

Step 4 Import Rules

  • Target Country
    • Assign a target country, remember that language on the website and in the data feed must be native. Example (If you are targeting France, the language must be French.)
  • Default Category
    • You can define a default category which will be assigned to products that do not have a category mapping
  • Add Excerpt (product short description)
    • You can append or prepend excerpts to the main description
  • Use variant links, instead of parent links
    • This is useful for when you have different prices for different variants, using this option allows your landing page to dynamically change the price based on the variant values.

WooCommerce Import Rules

Step 5 Category Mapping

Click on Load Categories which will show you a mapping system for you to map WooCommerce Categories to Google Categories. These values will overwrite the default categories if one is assigned.

WooCommerce Load Category Mapping

You can search for a category and assign it to your WooCommerce Category

WooCommerce Map Categories to Google Categories





Step 6 Variant Attributes

If you have items that are apparel products, than you need to assign variant attributes such as gender, age group, colors and size. This can easily be done by extracting the attribute values from the title which are automaticly added by the application. A detailed tutorial can be viewed on how to set up variant import rules.

What’s Next?

  1. Import Rules
  2. Update Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    2. Search & Replace
    3. Bulk Import CSV
  6. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Shopping

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