Import & Settings Magento to FeedArmy

Import & Settings Magento to FeedArmy

Easily import Magento products to Google Shopping using FeedArmy.


  • Connect Magento
  • Stores
  • Category Mapping
  • Update Rules
  • Import Rules
  • Export Rules
  • Import Products
  • Exclude List

Creat Soap Credentials

Please follow the steps in the following tutorial on how to setup the soap credentials for Magento V1.x

Connecting Magento V1.x

Step 1

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Platform Settings

Connect Magneto 1.9

Step 2 Connecting Magento

Enter the following 3 details

  • Magento Website (including folders)
  • Soap User Name
  • Soap API Key (password)

Than click on Connect Magento and wait for all the process to complete, it will connect to your site, pull all the stores and categories. Depending on the response time of your server this can be withing 10 seconds.

Enabling Stores

You can now enable a store. Hover over the drop down menu Stores and select your store.

Magneto 1.9 Stores


To enable a specific store, you will need to check the enable check box.

FeedArmy Enable Magento Store

Target Country

Select your target country. The target country is the country where your product listings are going to be displayed. Remember that the language and the currency on your website needs to be native. If you are targeting France, your native language needs to French and the currency in Euro. If this is not done than Google will not approve your data feed.

Magento Store Target Country FeedArmy

Category Mapping

Here we can map a Magento Category to a Google Shopping Category. This allows us to automatically assign multiple different categories.

You can use the Category Finder to find your category and copy the results to associate to a Magento Category

Magento 1.9 Category Mapping

What’s Next?

  1. Import Rules
  2. Update Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    2. Search & Replace
    3. Bulk Import CSV
  6. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Shopping

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