Import From XML to FeedArmy For Google Merchant

Import From XML to FeedArmy For Google Merchant

In this article we will cover the steps on how to set up the import settings for XML data to FeedArmy

Step 1

Go to Import Tools > Platform Settings and choose XML from the drop down menu

Step 2 Setup


Select XML as your XML Namespace

XML Import Option

Enter your XML link in the Collection URL field, this URL can be HTTP or HTTPS

XML Collection URL

If the collection URL is password protected using htaccess than please enter the credential details (username & password)

XML URL htaccess password

Choose your target country, FeedArmy supports all Google Shopping Countries, if the country is not listed than Google is not supporting this country.

XML Select Target Country

Step 3 Custom XML Elements (optional)

If you have a xml file that has custom attributes, nested attributes or a custom namespace, you can than map these under the custom element tab. A full guide on how to map custom xml elements is available.

What’s Next?

  1. Import Rules
  2. Update Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    2. Search & Replace
    3. Bulk Import CSV
  6. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Shopping.

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