How to Import CSV to FeedArmy

How to Import CSV to FeedArmy

You can import product data from a CSV URL, this file needs to be comma delimited. The filename can end with php, asp, etc… as long as the file header is CSV.

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Platform Settings > Choose CSV

CSV Collection URL

Enter the URL to the remote CSV file.

FeedArmy CSV Collection URL


Mapping the Attributes

Go to Import Tools > Import Rules

Here you can map all the attributes. Need a tutorial? Follow this useful guide here.

The following is a list of minimum required attributes to be mapped:

  • availability
  • country
  • condition
  • id
  • link
  • image
  • price

What’s Next?

  1. Update Rules
  2. Exclude Products
  3. Fetch & Schedule
  4. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    2. Search & Replace
    3. Bulk Import CSV
  5. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Shopping.

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