How To Map WooCommerce Variant Values in FeedArmy

How To Map WooCommerce Variant Values in FeedArmy

By default FeedArmy does not import any variant values you have created in WooCommerce. However you can import them by setting up import rules. All attribute values will be imported in the title. So you can easily extract the values. This allows you to map all required attributes for Google Shopping such as size, color, age group and gender. However there are lots of other ways to add variants and are not only constricted to what is in the title.

Which values are added to the title?

When you go to your product in WooCommerce and choose Attributes, you can add or edit attributes. You will have an input field with name and values. Highlighted in the image below you can see yellow, blue and black are set as values with the attribute name color.

WooCommerce Variant Values

When you import data to FeedArmy you will see that the titles are constructed as followed

Main Title + Variant Value

In this case the tiles will look like :

  • My Main Title Blue
  • My Main Title Yellow
  • My Main Title Black

If you have multiple variants such as color and size than the titles will be ordered by the first one which was created, than the second attribute option will be added. For this example, lets say we have small, medium and large as our size attribute name

FeedArmy will than do the following :

  • My Main Title Blue Small
  • My Main Title Yellow Small
  • My Main Title Black Small
  • My Main Title Blue Medium
  • My Main Title Yellow Medium
  • My Main Title Black Medium
  • My Main Title Blue Large
  • My Main Title Yellow Large
  • My Main Title Black Large

Now that we know how the titles are constructed we can extract the values and use them in a target attribute.

Create Import Rules In FeedArmy

Login to FeedArmy and go to Import Tools > Import Rules

If we want to extract the colors from the title we first select the Target Attribute : Color

Than we choose the option create a value based on criteria in a feed field

Choose if title contains blue, than add input field blue (example in below image)

FeedArmy Import Rules Colors


Now do the same for size, instead of target attribute being color, you choose size.

Important :
If you have already imported data, make sure to enable update rules for the attributes you have created rules for.
Import Tools > Update Rules