How to Update FeedArmy Using A CSV File

How to Update FeedArmy Using A CSV File

In this tutorial I will explain how to create and upload your local CSV file to FeedArmy for updating product information.

Important :
You can add new products, however when you have a source platform connected, all new products will be deleted if the product ID does not match.

To update product information, you only need to keep the column ID and whichever other columns you need.

Import Products From CSV

Navigate to the page using the menu Import Tools > Bulk Import CSV

Click on Choose File, once you have selected your CSV file than click on upload.

Once successfully uploaded confirm you have added a column header.

FeedArmy CSV File Importing Check Header


Assigning Google Attributes

Now you will see all the columns loaded. We can start by assigning each column to the correct Google Attribute.

Tip: If you are updating existing products, you can map the attributes that you want to update and ignore the rest.

Simply select the correct attribute from the drop down menu for each row.

FeedArmy Assign Google Attributes

When you are ready click on Import Data, when the loading has finished your products are updated. You can check the products in Edit Tools > Edit Products

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