Import Shopify to Google Merchant using FeedArmy

In this tutorial, I will explain how to connect your Shopify products to Google Merchant using the FeedArmy management tool.

There are four critical import settings that need to be configured before you import products and these are :

  1. Credentials
  2. Category Mapping
  3. Import Rules
  4. Update Rules

Step 1 Create a new private APP key in Shopify

  • Login to your Shopify Account
  • Click on Apps in your side bar menu
Shopify Apps
  • Click on Manage private Apps below the Visit Shopify App Store at the bottom of the page.
Shopify Private App
  • Next, you may see a button in the center that says Create a new private app or you will find it in the top right corner.
Create a new private app
  • App details:
  • Admin API:
    • In the section, you can set no access to everything and set read access to Products, variants and collections
  • Webhook API version
    • Leave this at (latest)
  • Then click on Save in the bottom right corner
Shopify Private API Settings

Accept the terms and conditions

Shopify I understand create the app
  • Now you can copy the API Credentials, by clicking on the clipboard icon next to the field, we need the following:
    • Authentication API Key
    • Authentication Password
    • Authentication Example URL
Copy Shopify API Credentials

Step 2 Enter Your Shopify Authentication In FeedArmy

FeedArmy Add Shopify Credentials
  • Navigate to your FeedArmy Management Tool
  • In the left hand menu select Import Tools > Platform Settings and choose Shopify from the platform selection box
  • Enter the following authentication details in the Credentials Tab.
    • Authentication API Key
    • Authentication Password
    • Authentication Example URL
  • Select a Target Country
  • Save Settings

If you are using Shopify’s default enabled currencies. Then you can change the target country in FeedArmy other then the store’s default target country. FeedArmy will automatically pull the correct price currency.

Step 3 Category Mapping

FeedArmy Shopify Category Mapping


You can easily create Google Merchant Categories by mapping them to each Shopify Product Type (not collections)

To load your Product Types click on Load Shopify Categories and wait for the items to load. Once loaded you can begin typing keywords to search for matching categories (minimum 3 characters).

It is important that you choose the most accurate category for your product to ensure they show up correctly in Google Shopping.

Step 4 Config Rules (optional)

FeedArmy Shopify Config Rules
  • You can choose to exclude all variants and only import parent products
  • You can check to disable compare at prices, if you are using RRP.
  • If your website and image URL’s show instead of your domain then you can set the website URL here, or follow the tutorial here how to set it up correctly.

Step 5 Tag Mapping (optional)

FeedArmy Shopify Tag Mapping
  • You can automatically populate certain Google Attributes using Tag information.
  • When you choose a Tag and for example you have a color, you can add the tag name to the field and assign a Google attribute
    • For example : Let’s say we have blue, yellow and green as a tag, we want to assign this to the color attribute. We simply enter the individual tag name (blue, yellow, green) in and select color as the Google attribute

You can also exclude products based on tags

Step 6 Export Rules (Optional)

You can exclude products that are out of stock, not advised for Google Shopping.

What’s Next?

  1. Import Rules
  2. Update Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
    1. Manual Editing
    1. Bulk Import CSV
  6. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Merchant Center or other channels

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