How to connect FeedArmy data feed to Google Merchant

How to connect FeedArmy data feed to Google Merchant


If you are migrating from an existing data feed such XML, Shopify API, Plugin etc… you will first need to delete the existing feed before you add FeedArmy to avoid policy violations.

Step 1 – Go to your Data Feed Settings

Click on Data Feeds from the menu and enable the feeds you want to use in the first tab.

FeedArmy Enable Feeds

Then from the tabs, choose the channel to which you want to connect to. For the purpose of demonstration, let’s click on Google Shopping.

Now click on Copy Feed Link, by clicking on this button it will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

FeedArmy Copy Data Feed Link


Step 2 – Sign in to Google Merchant

Navigate to

Step 3 New – Create a new Data Feed Link (NEW UI)

Click on Products > Feeds (new)

Google Merchant Feeds New UI

Click on the big blue plus button under Primary Feeds

Google Merchant Add New Primary Feeds

Choose your target country and continue

Google Merchant New Primary Feed Step 1

Provide a name (can be anything), than select Scheduled fetch from the import method and continue

Google Merchant New Primary Feed Step 2

  • Enter a filename (can be anything without spaces or special characters)
  • Select daily fetch
  • Select Fetch time (1 hour after FeedArmy collects your data)
  • Select Time zone (match the time zone that you have chosen in FeedArmy)
  • Paste the data feed URL
  • Check Fetch only if file changed
  • Click on continue



Processing The Live Feed For The First Time

When completed, select your feed. On the right-hand side click on the 3 dotted menu link and choose to fetch now.

Google Merchant Fetch Now

Check for errors, if there are no errors, it can take up to 5 working days for Google to review and process your products. (This is only done for new products)

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