How To Bulk Edit Using Spreadsheet Data In FeedArmy

How To Bulk Edit Using Spreadsheet Data In FeedArmy

Step 1

Login to FeedArmy and from the sidebar menu click on Advanced > Download CSV

Step 2

When the CSV file is downloaded, you can open the file with Google Docs or OpenOffice

Step 3 (uploading the edits)

Make sure when you save the file that it is saved as UTF-8 encoding. With OpenOffice you can click on edit settings when saving as CSV and choose the encoding to be UTF-8. Where for Google Docs simply save as comma delimited CSV.

Click on Import Tools > Bulk Import CSV

When uploading the CSV file to update your database you need to at least map 1 column, which is the ID. You can choose to map specific attributes, for example, if you have changed the title and description. Then you will need to only map the following attributes

  • ID
  • Title
  • Description

You can set all the other attributes to ignore.

All mapped columns will overwrite existing data, if the product id does not exist, it will ignore the specific product.

If you do not want to update the attributes, select the first option ignore. Doing this will ignore the update

Important :

Here is a in-depth tutorial on how to import a CSV file to Feedarmy.

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