Created on 7 May, 2015 | Updated on 11 December, 2022
Google Shopping Disapproved Items

Google Shopping Disapproved Items

Google Shopping Disapproved Items

Google is a very complicated market place, the most frustrating part is the lack of explanation regarding disapproved products. The reason it is so complicated is that the products show no info as to why they are disapproved. In this article I will explain the possible reasons with the solutions.


1) Restricted Products

The most obvious issues are the restricted items, in every country the restricted items are different, the best way to find out is to see if your product belongs to any of the following categories.

Click on the links to direct you to the correct page which explains the restricted item in more details.


2) Your products are listed on a 3rd Party

If you have your products listed on eBay and eBay lists your products on Google Shopping. Having your own website and listing these products on Google Shopping would fall under unfair advantage. And your products will be disapproved.

You can try and contact eBay to not have them listed, so that you can list them via your own site.


3) Multiple Prices on Landing Pages

If you have multiple prices on your landing page such as sales price, price, vat inc, vat exc, tax inc, tax exc. Than Google has trouble identifying what the correct price is.

To resolve this issue you simple need to add Microdata to your website.


4) You are not physically keeping the products in stock

Drop ship or supply chains are generally prohibited. There are merchants out there doing this un-knowingly as this is a violation that is hard to prove, by Google. But in the slightest chances if you do not keep your products in stock meaning that you are not delivering them to the customer and are using the manufacturer, than this might be a reason for a violation. Be cautions that not keeping the products in stock is a violation and might render in a Suspension.


5) US Data Feed with missing Tax Information

If you are targeting US than make sure you have the tax information filled in on your data feed. If you don’t add this information than your items will be disapproved.


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