Google Shopping Custom Goods

Google Shopping Custom Goods

What are custom goods?

A custom good is a product that you have made yourself, in other words, not mass produced. This can be a painting, crafts, clothing or any other hand made product.

Products that are made to order are also considered custom goods.

Do I need to submit a GTIN?

In this situation no, along side GTIN you should also not fill in the brand and mpn. But you do require to submit identifier_exists to false. The quickest way to check if you need to add the value GTIN to Google Shopping is by checking the packaging of the product. Does it have a bar code? If the answer is yes, than you need to fill in all product identifiers else set identifier exists to false.


Which products require a GTIN?

An easier way of listing the required products is to list the ones that do not require one.

  • Do not require a GTIN :
    • Custom Goods (Hand made goods or antique)
    • Books (Books published after 1970 requires a IBAN)
    • Mass produced clothing (requires a Brand name only)
    • Custom Clothing (Hand made / unique clothing)

With apparel goods you are required a GTIN on products inside the following categories

  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Shoes’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Sunglasses’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Handbags, Wallets & Cases > Handbags’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches’
  • All other products categorized inside Apparel do not require a GTIN, MPN or Brand unless the manufacturer has submitted this data.

All other products not mentioned above require at least two of the three required fields (Brand, GTIN or MPN).

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