Google Shopping Ad Preview in FeedArmy

Google Shopping Ad Preview in FeedArmy

I’m happy to announce a new feature in FeedArmy that allows you to view a preview of how your ads are going to look like in Google Web Search & Shopping Search.

As of early October Google has removed shopping ads from non native countries. Meaning, you will only see ads from merchants whom are targeting that country. Where before, you could view ads targeting UK by going to This makes viewing your ads in a different countries a little difficult. You might wonder how they will appear, is my title going to look good? How are my pictures showing up. Therefor FeedArmy features a great preview tool that shows you a representation of how your ads will look like on Google.

FeedArmy Ad Preview


I will be adding more ads as they come along supporting Desktop, Tablet and Smartphones.

Where Can I View The Previews?

Simply login to FeedArmy and go to the Editor. Here you will see in the first column a preview icon for each product. Simply click on the ad icon and your ads will be generated.


Please send any feedback regarding this tool, your input is much appreciated.

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