Google Merchant Untrustworthy Promotions

Google Merchant Untrustworthy Promotions

If you have received an email that your account is suspended due to untrustworthy promotions which is a misrepresentation of self or a product, than the only way to resolve the issue is if Google has sent you an email with instructions on how to resolve it. If you have not had clear explanation and are simply pointed to Google’s Policy than most likely you are suspended for life. And nothing can be done to resolve the issue.

What are the possible causes of being labeled untrustworthy?

Indirect Information

The information listed below is not from Google’s Policy regarding untrustworthy promotions, but from other policies that impact the suspension result.

Multiple Listings

If you are intentionally or unintentionally listing products via a different site  or listing products on a marketplace that also lists your products on Google Shopping. Such as eBay. Than this is categorized as unfair advantages as you are listing the products more than once.

Business Model or Related Businesses

It can also mean how the business model, supply chain or how any related businesses, business models or items are promoted or represented, might be that it is not directly related to your business.


There might also be a connection to your SEO behavior and tactics, if for example you spend lots of time on Black Hat techniques than Google might consider you as untrustworthy.

Drop Shipping

Google does not permit the sale of products that are not physically in stock at your business. If a type of product listing or from other similar businesses have been detected as drop ship, than this might be a reason why Google considers you as untrustworthy.

New Businesses

If you are a new business, always check all pages on the site. Ensure you do not have pages that hold template text such as lorem ipsum.

Direct Information

The information below is listed on Google’s Policy.

As per Google’s Policy the following two statements are effectively grounds to untrustworthy.

  • promotions that prompt users to initiate a purchase, download, or other commitment without first providing all relevant information and obtaining the user’s explicit consent
  • promotions that represent you or your products in a way that is not accurate, realistic, and truthful

Further looking into the policy the following needs to be considered.

  • Not clearly explaining the payment model before and after purchase
  • Not clearly explaining the terms of conditions before and after purchase
  • Not stating a charity or tax exempt identification for charitable donations
  • Promising products or promotions that is not available (not in stock, not active, a call to action that is too complicated)
  • Listing false information such as identification, qualifications, or the promoted product
  • Listing false claims such as unrealistic results from using the product
  • Falsely listing claims of affiliation, endorsements form individuals, organizations or charities.
  • Hiding or not accurately listing your business or product

What Can I Do?

The only thing I could suggest is to contact Google Merchant support, to request for additional information. Please note it might or might not work. A tip is to be polite and honest when contacting Google.