Google Merchant Misrepresentation of self or product

Any action you take with Google, ie: call, chat, appeals, or review requests, are permanently recorded on your account. Repeated requests without resolving any issues can do more harm than good. Therefore I offer a full Google Merchant Center Suspension Check-Up Service.

As of April 2020 Google has ramped up suspending account for misrepresentation of self or product. Google is now using 3rd party tools to check your trust factor. Below a list of common issues related to this type of suspension.


Do not create a new website and or Google Merchant Center account. Doing this will put yourself in a potential lifetime ban.

Do not request for reviews when you have not resolved all policy violations.

Remove Disapproved Products

If you had disapproved products before receiving the suspension and you are not able to resolve the individual product disapproval, then remove the products from the feed.

Contact Page

Make sure to have a contact page with the below listed items and linked in the footer of all pages.

  • Physical business address (Virtual Offices or PO Boxes are generally not allowed)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (same domain as website)
  • Contact form
  • Contact Hours

Also add the physical business address, telephone number and email address in the footer of all pages.

Website Footer Google Merchant Center

Make sure to also add your exact same business address in Google Merchant Center > Wrench > Business Information > About Your Business

Delivery / Shipping Page

Add a delivery page with your handling time, estimated delivery time, pricing and warehouse location. Make sure to write the information clearly, and can be easily read.

Link this page in the footer of all pages.

Returns and Refund Page

Use easily understood grammar in the website’s target country. Explain what the conditions are and the process with information on how to start a returns process.

Clearly explain the shipping refund policy of the returned items.

Make sure the return policy follows the countries’ local laws, which are different for each country.

Terms and Conditions Page

This is a rather technical page and should be written by professionals / lawyer. Some eCommerce platforms such as Shopify have a template available for you to use.

Link this page in the footer of all pages.

Privacy Policy Page

This as with the terms and conditions page is a technical page and should be written by professionals / lawyer.

Link this page in the footer of all pages.

Accurate Shipping & Tax Settings

Ensure in Google Merchant Center you have accurate shipping and tax settings. You can test the shipping and tax prices on individual products by going to Products > All Products > click on your product > scroll to the center of the page.

This needs to be accurate so double check in your product information page.

Payment Methods

Clearly show with image icons in the footer of the page which payment methods you accept on all pages. Also, add the same info written in the terms and conditions page.

Product Availability

At all times, ensure your product status, i.e.: in stock or out of stock, is accurate and up to date in the data feed and that Google has collected this info. Also, avoid frequent availability changes. Google requires stable availability information.

Product Pricing

As with the availability status, make sure you have accurate product pricing and is up to date in the data feed and that Google has collected this info.

Structured Data

At least have SKU, pricing and availability in your structured data. Google requires both the pages visually and in the background to have matching information.


Offering a promotion or discount that does not exist.

Misleading Content

Do not mislead, make false claims or statements. Such as:

  • If you are selling products related to healthcare, medicine or supplements, remove any claims or statements not approved by the target country government body.
  • If you a reseller and not an official partner, do not show images, or quotes that you are.
  • Don’t suggest you have certificates when you don’t


Do not use content from other sites, such as product details, images, design. Create your own images, content and website design.

Don’t Sell Products You Can’t Deliver

Don’t sell products you can not deliver to the customer. And don’t sell products you can not deliver within 1.5 weeks.

Not Adding Accurate Product Information

Make sure you add accurate product information and that you follow Google’s editorial guidelines.

Pro Tip!!!

Check your Google Merchant Center on a weekly basis or even more frequently and fix all issues, before you get suspended. I offer a full data feed management service if you do not have the time to do this yourself.

Request A Review

Go to the below link and request a Google Review. Only request this once you have resolved all issues. Do not request a review when you have done half the job. Requesting a review is permanently recorded in your account and can lead to a permanent ban.

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