Google Merchant Misrepresentation of self or product

Google Merchant Misrepresentation of self or product

A very common issue with an easy fix, for the most likely reason of cases involving misrepresentation of self or product.

Most Likely Reason

The majority of issues related to misrepresentation is regarding the contact details, not clearly disclosing your business contact details leads to a misrepresentation.

You will need the following elements on your contact page

  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Form
  • Contact Hours

Other Reasons

  1. Not adding all required product identifiers (gtin, brand, mpn)
  2. Not clearly show the payment models and methods before, during and after purchase.
  3. Not disclosing the shipping costs before adding to basket
  4. Confusing or no return & refund policy, shipping policy and merchant policy
  5. Offering a promotion that does not exist
  6. Unrealistic promotions
  7. Untrustworthy promotions
  8. Misleading content
  9. Competitive claims

Reasons which are permanent suspensions

The following reasons are also possible where the account will not be reinstated.

  1. Type of business model
  2. How business or product is represented
  3. Type of supply chain

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