Google Merchant GTIN Lookup In FeedArmy

When listing products on Google Shopping, it is required for all products to have a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) assigned where the manufacturer has applied one. For allot of merchants this requirement becomes problematic. Trying to figure out how to obtain these bar codes.

Therefor FeedArmy has a nice feature, where you can search for the correct bar code value, all you need to do is click on the search icon in the editor and choose the correct result.

You can do this by logging into FeedArmy and go to the editor.

FeedArmy Editor Menu

If you do not see the GTIN attribute in the table, you can add the column by clicking on the Edit Columns and select the category Unique Product Identifiers. Drag GTIN to the active column list, you can even re order the columns.

Unique Product Identifiers Columns

To start a lookup, simply click on the search icon, when your results appear click on the use button next to the bar code you want to use.

Bar Code Lookup Results

Now your bar code is assigned to the product.

Do not forget to add the brand and set identifier exists to true.

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    can i create a website like with this Engine??