Google Merchant Account Suspended

Always make sure you have contacted Google first, before requesting an approval.

Review Response Email

First check if you have received an email from Google, this email has instructions about how to resolve your suspension, in the event the email does not explain other than pointing you towards their policy, than most likely your account is permanently suspended, in this case I recommend you contact Google directly.

If you have some sort of instruction, than please follow the guidance in the email alternatively contact Google directly for more info.

Why I Might Be Suspended?

A suspension can be related to account history, a single or from multiple disapproved products, supply chain, product inventory, business model or business history, website, landing page, eCommerce, payment gateway, etc…

The issue can also be triggered from the data feed information such as titles, images, landing page URL, variants or account settings, feed settings, target country or a combination of different elements.

Login to your Google Merchant account and check for any issues. The issues can be found in the data feed and diagnostics.

Check that there is only one feed registered, or if you have multiple feeds that they are not the same (such as if you have divided your data feeds in multiple files for specific reasons)

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If a suspension is received without any information on how to resolve the issue, than no other website or business can be advertised or new merchant accounts created.

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