Google Ads Prevent Merchant Center account suspension recommendation

Google Ads: Prevent Merchant Center account suspension recommendation

Your Merchant Center accounts are at risk of suspension. Address warnings to continue showing Shopping ads. 

Recommended because you have Merchant Center accounts at risk of suspension due to data quality or policy violations. 

prevent merchant center account suspension

First, I want to explain not to panic. Most of these recommendations are not as severe as you may think. It can be as simple as a missing branding image. Or invalid barcodes.

To find out your issues, go to your Google Merchant Center account and navigate to Products > Diagnostics.

google merchant center diagnostics

Here resolve all Item issue Errors (warnings can be ignored for now)

And all Account Issues

All issues will have a question mark added that explains what you need to do.

google merchant center diagnostics item issues

If you cannot resolve the issue, contact me for assistance.

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