FeedArmy Manual Editing

The key to improving your data feed ranking is the ability to edit your product information. By using FeedArmy you are able to import data using import rules and also using a manual editor. In this tutorial, I will cover what you can do.

Column Table Overview

You can view more attributes by clicking on the Edit Columns button than choose which attributes you would like to see.

You can also re-order the columns by clicking and dragging them in the active column list.

FeedArmy Manual Editing Columns

Uploading A New Image

If you need to change the image, you can. Simply add the image column if not already added, then click on the upload icon and choose your file. It is recommended to upload an image of 800 by 800 pixels or larger than 250 pixels square.

FeedArmy Manual Editing Change Image

Editing Titles, Descriptions, etc…

You can edit every attribute by clicking on the cell, a popup will appear allowing you to edit the given attribute.

Remember :
If you edit product data, make sure to disable the update rules for the given attribute.


FeedArmy Quick Manual Editing

Exclude or Delete Products

You can exclude or delete products by clicking on the exclusion button than choose the relevant option.

FeedArmy Manual Editing Exclude or Delete

There are more details available on excluding products

Need to get excluded products back?

Marketplace Specific Edits

You can also edit specific attributes for specific marketplaces. For example, if you want to edit the title for Facebook, then simply add the column and start editing. Below is a great video showing you how to do this.

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