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Application Guide

Below is a compilation of articles that cover every aspect of the FeedArmy application.


Here you can check which steps you need to undertake, to complete the FeedArmy setup.

Edit Tools

  • Manual Editing
  • Search & Replace
  • Exclude

Manual Editing

The manual editor allows you to edit every attribute which enables you to improve your data feed product ranking. An in depth tutorial can be found here.


Search & Replace

If you need to edit certain titles, or need to add a color. You can use the search and replace function to update products that match your criteria. Read more on how to use search and replace.



Sometimes you might want to exclude products from being submitted to Google Merchant. You can do this ether in the Edit Products page, by clicking on the delete button next to the product. Or by going to the Exclude page and bulk remove products.

There is a great guide on how to exclude products in FeedArmy.


  • Bulk Delete
  • Download CSV
  • Diagnostics
  • Promotions

Bulk Delete

When you have been playing around with your products and would like to delete all your existing products and start from scratch. You can do this by deleting all your products. Do note that all other settings are kept except the ones listed below.

The following sections are deleted

  • Products
  • Exclude List
  • Promotion List


You can download a copy of your product data in a CSV file. This is especially useful if you want to bulk edit using a desktop or online spreadsheet editor. Here is a tutorial on how to bulk edit in FeedArmy.


This is one of my favorite tools, it is designed to identify policy violations, attribute requirements and many more other detection. If you want to outrank your competitors than this tools is definitely worth using. Read more on how to improve your data feed ranking.



This section allows you to add a promotions data feed, lets say you have Free Shipping or Spend over $100 and get $15 off. etc… You can actually offer this and get your products highlighted. Allowing you to out perform your competitor. Why not have a read on what the requirements are for submitting a promotions data feed.

A full guide on how to add promotions can be read here.

Import Tools

  • Platform Settings
  • Fetch & Schedule
  • Import Rules
  • Update RUles
  • Bulk Import CSV

Platform Settings

If you want to import products from your eCommerce platform than you can use our builtin import system to extract all your product data and keep it up to date with a daily update system.

Fetch & Schedule

Once you have setup your import method, you can import products manually or setup an automated schedule.

Import Rules

By default FeedArmy will import the basics, however in certain situations you might want to import other data, use a combination or set if else conditions for different attributes. An easy guide on how to set import rules.

Update Rules

You can enable certain attributes to be updated, while leaving others to be edited in the application. Learn more on how to enable update rules.

Data Feeds

You can connect multiple platforms such as Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, eBay and more. A full list of available marketplaces is here.


  • Edit Account
  • Sub Accounts
  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • Invoice
  • Reset Password

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