FeedArmy Display Ads Explained

FeedArmy Display Ads Explained

In this article I will explain the different attributes available in FeedArmy for sending out Display Ads information.

This feature is available when you add products manually or edit products manually. You can also upload the same data sets using the CSV uploader. Please download your products first, than edit your product information. The values for both display ads similar id and adwords labels needs to be separated by a comma

Display Ads ID

When you have added the remarketing tag on your website and you have a different product ID on the site vs your data feed, than here you can assign the correct website product ID. For example on your website you use numeric numbers 1234, but on your data feed you use 1234_gb, than you can enter 1234 as a value to the display ads id. This allows Google to correctly identify your product.

Display Ads Similar ID

When you see display ads on 3rd party websites, you will notice that Google will show you up to 10 different products. If you want to showcase a particular set when a customer has visited a product, than you can add up to 10 recommendations. Simply by adding the product ID.

Info :
If you add a display ads ID than you need to use this ID instead of your product id.

Display Ads Title

You can add a more specific title for these products for display remarketing, ensure you follow Google’s editorial guidelines.

Display Ads Link

If you have an alternate link that you want visitors to land on than the one specified for Google Shopping. This is especially useful if you want to add a special query string or utm_.

Info :
The landing page must identically represent the product.

Display Ads Value

You can define the margin value of product.

Excluded Destination

Remove the product from Shopping or Display Ads

Accepted values

  • Shopping
  • Display Ads

Adwords Grouping

You can use these groupings to control your Adwords Campaigns. For example it can be used as product filters to a group of products, or product targets to alter the bidding.

Adwords Labels

This attribute will work with CPC and Trueview Shopping Campaigns. It’s similar to adwords grouping allowing you to group multiple labels.

Info :
To enable Display Remarketing, you will need to setup your remarketing tag and campaign.

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