FeedArmy Adds a New Category Search Function

FeedArmy Category Search Function

From experience I have found that searching for a Google Merchant taxonomy within FeedArmy was a bit slow. You had to click on a bunch of drop down menus to filter down the categories. This was very time consuming and difficult to use. Therefor I have built an easy to use search function.

Simply type parts or combination of words where you think your category belongs to.

Currently we use US taxonomy

As we are using US Taxonomy, please note that some keywords will not match, for example if you are looking for trousers (GB), than you will need to search for pants (US).

Where can I find the search function?

The search function is available to all import systems where applicable and when you add or edit products manually located under the basic settings.

Can I download the full taxonomy list?

Yes you can download Google’s full taxonomy list.

Ensure you choose the most appropriate category for your products, the better the selection the better Google Shopping will list your products.

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