Created on 19 October, 2015 | Updated on 29 October, 2015
Export To Publitas

Export Your Products To Publitas

Export To Publitas

With Publitas you can use your existing PDF’s and tag areas in pages with product information such as price, link, title, description and more. Publitas than creates an interactive overlay for PC, Mac, iOS and Android from your existing PDF. To send the product information to Publitas you can use FeedArmy to ether add products manually or by automatically importing data from CSV, XML, Shopify and Magento. FeedArmy creates a data feed that Publitas can read upon which you can tag pages with product information.

Features :

  • Manually add products
  • Import CSV
    • Remote and Local Uploads
  • Import XML
  • Import Shopify
  • Import Magento
    • Multistore Supported
  • Edit products without effecting your website data
  • Automatically update parts or all data from your website
  • Unlimited data feeds
  • Inline Editing
  • Full Editor
  • Export data so you can edit data in your favorite spreadsheet editor

Once imported you can export the automatically generated data feed to publitas.

Export To Publitas

Want to play with the FeedArmy demo?

About Publitas

Publitas is an application that allows you to publish catalog, brochure and magazines online with an interactive touch.  Products listed in the magazine can be bought by clicking on a link that links to your eCommerce platform or within Publitas, how cool is that!

This PDF is a great way to sell your products in an interactive way via your website, social media and emails.

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