Create Facebook Catalogue Sales For Remarketing

Before we begin setting up a Facebook product remarketing campaign, please first do the following two steps.

  1. If you have not done so already, make sure to create a product catalogue first
  2. Add Facebook Pixel to your website, including the conversion tracking

Creating a remarketing campaign


Go to Facebook Adverts Manager from the top left menu

Facebook Advert Manager


If you already have existing ads, than click on Create Campaign > Create Advert Set, if you have no existing ads, skip to the next step

Facebook Advert Set

Choose Product Catalogue Sales from Campaign objectives.

Facebook Product Catalogue Sales

Select your Product Catalogue and enter a campaign name

Facebook Choose Catalogue

Account settings, add your country, currency and time zone

Facebook Account Settings

If a popup appears to associate a Pixel, than selecting the correct one

Facebook Select Pixel

Choose your options for Facebook remarketing placement and click on save


Choose your Facebook Page, ad format, your website link and description. Optionally add all other details and confirm

Facebook Ad Format

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