Created on 23 March, 2015 | Updated on 5 July, 2021
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Create a Shopify Private API Credential

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create your Shopify API Credential.

Creating a new private API credential in Shopify

  • Login to your Shopify Account
  • Click on Apps in your side bar menu
  • Click on Manage private Apps below the Visit Shopify App Store at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, you may see a button in the center that says Create a new private app or you will find it in the top right corner.
  • App details:
    • Private API name: Whatever you like
    • Emergency developer email: enter your email
  • Admin API:
    • In the section, you can set no access to everything and set read access to Products, variants and collections
  • Webhook API version
    • Leave this at (latest)
  • Then click on Save in the bottom right corner

Accept the terms and conditions

  • Now you can copy the API Credentials, by clicking on the clipboard icon next to the field, we need the following:
    • Authentication API Key
    • Authentication Password
    • Authentication Example URL

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