Connect OpenCart 3 To Google Merchant Using FeedArmy

Step 1

Download the FeedArmy extension by logging into FeedArmy and go to Import Tools > Platform Settings and choose OpenCart 3 from the drop down.

FeedArmy OpenCart 3 Import Settings

Than click on the download link in the right hand side panel.

Step 2

Login to your OpenCart admin dashboard and go to Installer and click on the upload button. Navigate to where you downloaded the FeedArmy Extension and continue

OpenCart Install FeedArmy Extension

Everything is now installed, you can continue with the setup below.

Step 3 (Setup)

Login to FeedArmy and go to Import Tools > Platform Settings and choose OpenCart 3 from the drop down.

Enter you website url

If OpenCart is installed in a sub folder, than please add the sub folder to the URL. For example if you installed OpenCart in a folder named shop. Than the url is

FeedArmy OpenCart 3 Setup

Choose your advertising target country

Step 4 (Category Mapping)

To improve the placements of your ads, we must add categories. Simply click on Load OpenCart 3 Categories, once loaded all your categories can be mapped.

Simply begin typing in the mapping field to find relevant categories. Once you have mapped all categories, click on save categories at the bottom of the page.

OpenCart 3 Category Mapping In FeedArmy

Step 5 (Config Rules)

Include Variants?

If you want to include variants, than choose true.

When submitting variants, you must add variant attributes.

Create unique variant links?

When submitting variant and you have different prices, it is than important to submit variant links. You than need to make changes to the website theme to accept the special links to show the correct prices and preselect the correct option.

You can contact me, if you require a developer.

Availability source for variants (options)

You can choose to ether choose the availability of the option itself by using the quantity level or by using the availability of the parent product.

Availability source for parent products

You can choose to use the quantity levels or the stock status to define the product availability.

Click on save settings when you have completed your choices

What’s Next?

  1. Update Rules
  2. Import Rules
  3. Exclude Products
  4. Fetch & Schedule
  5. You can edit your products via multiple methods
  6. The final step, connect your data feed to Google Shopping.

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