Connect Data Feed To Admarkt For Marktplaats

Connect Data Feed To Admarkt For Marktplaats

Connection your FeedArmy Data Feed to Admarkt for Marktplaats

Step 1) – Go to your Data Feed Settings In FeedArmy

Click on Data Feeds from the menu and enable the feeds you want to use in the first tab.

FeedArmy Enable Feeds

Then choose Admarkt from the tabs, here you will see a button, Copy Feed Link, once you clicked on the button it will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

Copy Admarkt Ad


Step 2) Create a Marktplaats account

Create a markplaats.nl account, the approval process will take a couple of days while they check your business account.
Admarkt Create Account

There is a difference between an Admarkt account and a regular Marktplaats account.

Step 3) Connecting The Feed

Contact Marktplaats, by clicking on the contact us button to request for the feed option to become available, by default this is disabled.

Once the feed option is active, go to Mijn Feeds (my feeds) > Toevoegen (add) > paste the FeedArmy URL in the Feed URL section

Then click on Registreren (Register)

Add Data Feed To Marktplaats

Your feed will be active within 2 business days.

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