Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy
Map Shopify Apparel Values to Google Merchant Using FeedArmy

Products that belong in Google’s Taxonomy list of Apparel such as t-shirts, jewelry, ties, gloves etc… need to have colors, size, gender and age group assigned. Not doing this will not allow you to add the products into Google Merchant.

Shopify URL Shows myshopify.com Instead Of My Domain

If you have urls that look like https://mystore.myshopify.com than you need to make sure you have setup the correct domain redirect or you add the correct URL in FeedArmy. Below a detailed tutorial explaining the steps you need to take

Adding Google Ads Conversion Tracking to Shopify

Easily add Google Ads conversion tracking to Shopify in less than 15 minutes. Step 1 Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel Step 2 Click on Settings (Gear Icon) and choose Checkout Step 3 Login to Google Ads and click

Adding Google Adwords Remarketing Tag To Shopify
Adding Google Ads Remarketing Tag To Shopify

An easy step by step guide on how to add Google Ads remarketing tag to Shopify using the latest features. Step 1) Get Your Audience Source Tag ID Login to Google Ads, then in the top right corner click on

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