Google Merchant Currency Conversion Explained
Google Merchant Center Currency Conversion Explained

As of September 2016, Google has added a new feature that allows you to use an automated currency conversion to target additional countries without changing anything in the data feed or website. However, there are some things to take into

Why am i being grouped in Google Shopping
Why am I being grouped in Google Shopping?

Getting your products grouped in Google Shopping is not a great position to be in. Mainly because some competitors are not being grouped and might hold an advantage over grouped items. The grouping is done dynamically based on product identifiers,

What is Google Merchant Center Promotions
What is Google Merchant Center Promotions?

Google Merchant Center promotions are a feature that allows you to add coupons, discounts, sales, and more on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Images. Common misunderstanding. A common misunderstanding is that Google Promotions is a checkout redemption system, which

Google Shopping Disapproved Items
Google Shopping Disapproved Items

Google is a very complicated market place, the most frustrating part is the lack of explanation regarding disapproved products. The reason it is so complicated is that the products show no info as to why they are disapproved. In this

Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Search
Products Not Showing in Google Shopping Search

Please read, surfaces across Google ie: Google Shopping Free Listing, if you need guidance on this topic, the below is for Google Shopping Paid Ads. A very simple question with multiple reasons, we will start with the most common and

Google Shopping Optimize Your Landing Page
Google Shopping Optimize Landing Page

All links from your Google Shopping have to land directly on the destination page of your product, meaning that the page itself must have an ordering function available. Google’s Policy mentions that linking to a page that does not contain the

Google Shopping Variants
Google Shopping Product Variation & Tips

    Product variations are products that are similar and only differ in color, material or pattern,… It is recommended to use variations if you have products that are similar. Lets say we have FeedArmy’s Premium paint and I have

What is a Google Shopping Management Tool
What is a Google Shopping Management Tool?

  A Google Shopping Management Tool enables you to do tasks that are otherwise complicated or time-consuming. There are a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS ), Plugins and Stand alone Applications (APP) Tools. Types of Management Tools

How to export products to Google Shopping
How to export products to Google Shopping

There are a huge amount of methods when it comes to connecting your products to Google Shopping, in this article I will cover all the different methods and explain what is involved. The following methods are covered in this article.

Common Google Shopping Errors and Problems
Common Google Shopping Errors, Problems & Mistakes

Setting up a Google Shopping Feed can be complicated, from an over sized Google Policy to data feed errors. Ether you have XML formatting errors or Google slaps you with a temporarily suspension. In this article I will explain the most