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Connect Data Feed To Admarkt For Marktplaats 0

Connect Data Feed To Admarkt For Marktplaats

Connection your FeedArmy Data Feed to Admarkt for Marktplaats Step 1) – Go to your Data Feed Settings In FeedArmy Click on Data Feeds from the menu and enable the feeds you want to use...


Advanced Facebook Product Data Feed Editing

Having the ability to edit Facebook attributes independently from Google Merchant Center allows you to improve the quality of the feed independently and at an advanced level. When importing data to FeedArmy you are able...

FeedArmy Manual Editing 0

FeedArmy Manual Editing

The key to improving your data feed ranking is the ability to edit your product information. By using FeedArmy you are able to import data using import rules and also using a manual editor....

How to Import CSV to FeedArmy 0

Import From CSV URL To FeedArmy

You can import product data from a CSV URL, this file needs to be comma delimited. The filename can end with php, asp, etc… as long as the file header is CSV. Login To FeedArmy...

Update Rules In FeedArmy 0

Update Rules In FeedArmy

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Update Rules Checked Attributes will update based on import rules or default source data Unchecked attributes will not update. One of the reasons to...

fetch and schedule in feedarmy 0

Fetch & Schedule In FeedArmy

Login To FeedArmy > Sidebar Menu > Import Tools > Fetch & Schedule Manually You can easily import your product information with a click of the button, simply click on Manually Import. This process...

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