Is Google Shopping Effective
Is Google Shopping Effective?

Every merchant wants to target as many high valued customers as possible and most likely you want to attract these customers with zero costs. But once and awhile it’s worth spending a little coin for a bigger return. And today

What is Google Merchant Center Promotions
What is Google Merchant Center Promotions?

Google Merchant Center promotions are a feature that allows you to add coupons, discounts, sales, and more on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Images. Common misunderstanding. A common misunderstanding is that Google Promotions is a checkout redemption system, which

What is Google Shopping
What is Google Shopping?

    What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a paid product listing marketplace for online retailers, which works in a similar way to Adwords Text Ads (you pay per click). The customers can compare prices between merchants. Instead of providing keywords,

How do I convert a Google Merchant test feed to a live feed

You can’t. To enable a live feed, you will need to create a new data feed using the standard mode (live). What is the difference? The mode designates whether or not your product data is eligible to appear in results.

What is a Google Shopping Management Tool
What is a Google Shopping Management Tool?

  A Google Shopping Management Tool enables you to do tasks that are otherwise complicated or time-consuming. There are a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS ), Plugins and Stand alone Applications (APP) Tools. Types of Management Tools