Google Shopping SSL Requirements
Google Shopping SSL Requirements

When you want to publish products on Google Shopping it is important to understand the requirements when it comes to the checkout & security. The basic rule is that if you are collecting personal information than a SSL certificate is

Google Merchant Untrustworthy Promotions

If you have received an email that your account is suspended due to untrustworthy promotions which is a misrepresentation of self or a product, then the only way to resolve the issue is if Google has sent you an email

Google Merchant Center Returns & Refund Page Requirements
How to write a Return & Refund Policy Page for Google Shopping

  In this article I will explain which topics you need to write about when creating or updating your Return Policy page for Google Shopping. By no means is this article 100% correct as Google does not cover what you

Google Shopping Apparel Requirements
Google Shopping Apparel Requirements

Selling apparel products on Google Shopping requires extra attributes compared to standard non apparel products. In this article I will cover what the requirements are. When you are selling apparel products you have two main categories. One where you have

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