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Google Merchant Center Mismatched [price] (page crawl) 0

Google Merchant Center Mismatched [price] (page crawl)

Reason First, let’s understand why you are getting price match issues. Google Merchant has a feature that allows Google’s bot to check your product landing page and update the product listing information if the...


Migrating Feeds In Google Merchant Center

At certain points you might want to change data feeds URLs or data feed method. A common and understandable concern is downtime or making an irreversible mistake. Please read the full article before making any...

Google Shopping Products Show Pending Status 0

Google Shopping Products Show Pending Status

Having your Google Shopping products in pending status for an extended amount of time, may indicate issues with the submitted data feed or account settings. In this article I will provide a checklist to...


How To Change Google Shopping Display Store Name

In your Google Shopping ads, you can see the image, price, title, description, reviews and also the business name. To change the store name, login to Google Merchant Center and go to Business information...


How To Delete a Google Merchant Feed Rule

Once you have created a feed rule or a draft rule in Google Merchant, you can always delete them in your data feed rules tab. Step 1 Login to Google Merchant Step 2 Select...

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