Can't upload CSV to FeedArmy

Can't upload CSV to FeedArmy

FeedArmy accepts only a comma delimited CSV file. Some programs such as Excel do not save the files correctly. An easy way to ensure a successful upload is to use ether Google Spreadsheet or use OpenOffice.

File Size

Make sure the file size is less than 4 MB. You can split up your files and upload your updates separately.

Google Spreadsheet

  • Copy your spreadsheet data from your existing file to Google Spreadsheet.
  • Click on File > Download as > Comma-separated values
  • You can now upload to FeedArmy

save csv google spreadsheet


  • Copy your spreadsheet data from your existing file to OpenOffice Calc
  • Click on File > Save as…

openoffice save as

  • Select file type CSV and check the box next to edit settings

openoffice edit filter settings

  • Ensure the character set is UTF-8, file delimiter is comma and click on OK

openoffice export text file

You can import your new or updated data.