Having the ability to edit Facebook attributes independently from Google Merchant Center allows you to improve the quality of the feed independently and at an advanced level. When importing data to FeedArmy you are able to overwrite default attributes which are used for Google Merchant Center.

Let’s explain how to do this

Log in to FeedArmy and go to Edit Tools > Manual Editing

To add Facebook attribute columns, simply click on edit columns, from the marketplace drop down choose Facebook, then select basic. Here you can add all the available attributes.

Add Facebook Columns In FeedArmy

Click on apply and the columns will be added, you can now begin editing the data.

Reminder :
If you leave the Facebook attributes empty, then the data feeds will use the default Google Merchant Center data. If however, you have added a value, this value will be used. In the image below you will see an example.

Facebook Attribute Overwrite

Why is this needed?

Policies, requirements and ranking improvements are different between Google Shopping and Facebook. For example, if your products don’t have an MPN or Barcode, then in Google Merchant Center you cannot submit Brand, MPN, GTIN and you need to set Identifier exists to false. However, with Facebook, you are required to at least add Brand.

Allowing you to submit data to both areas without affecting each other, greatly increasing each marketplaces data feed quality.

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