Add Sub Account To FeedArmy

Add Sub Account To FeedArmy

If you want to add users to make edits to your account, than please follow the steps below.

Make sure you trust the new user, as they are now able to edit any product data in your account and are able to see and edit your import credentials

Add Users

Go to Account > Sub Accounts

Simply add the firstname, lastname and email address. Than check which accounts to grant access too.

Once you have added the user, they receive an email with there login credentials.

FeedArmy Sub Account


Edit or Delete Users

Go to Account > Sub Accounts

You can revoke access to specific accounts by un checking the checkbox or all accounts.

You can also delete the user all together.

FeedArmy Current Users


Remember :
If the sub user has connected your data feed to Google Merchant and you delete this user. The data feed will fail. To resolve this, you need to connect the data feed under your own account.

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