Add Product Data Feed To Facebook From FeedArmy

Add Product Data Feed To Facebook From FeedArmy

Creating The Catalogue

Login to Facebook Business Manager or go to

Click on the menu icon in the top left > all tools > Catalogs

Faceboog Catalogs

Click on Create Catalog

Facebook Create Catalog

Select E-commerce as the catalog type and click on next

Facebook Select Catalog Type

Select Upload Product Info choose who ownes the catalogue and enter a name.

Facebook Upload Product Info

Select the business type (if available) and enter a catalog name, click Create and then Create

Facebook Catalog Name

From the left hand menu select products, then click on add products.

Facebook Add Products

Now click on Use Data Feeds

Facebook Add Products Use Data Feeds

  • Select Scheduled Upload from the data feed option
  • Set your upload schedule, it is recommended to set it to 1 hour after you have setup your Fetch & Schedule in FeedArmy
  • Paste your data feed URL
    • Login to FeedArmy and navigate to Data Feeds > Facebook and click on the button copy feed link
  • Select the correct currency (same as data feed)
  • When completed, click on Start upload

Facebook Data Feed Settings

You can now start creating a product advertising catalogue.

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