Add FeedArmy Data Feed to Bing Merchant Center

Add FeedArmy Data Feed to Bing Merchant CenterA step by step guide on how to add your data feed to Bing Merchant Center.

Step 1 – Go to your Data Feed Settings

Click on Data Feeds from the menu and enable the feeds you want to use in the first tab.

FeedArmy Enable Feeds

Then from the tabs, choose the channel to which you want to connect to. For the purpose of demonstration, let’s click on Google Shopping.

Now click on Copy Feed Link, by clicking on this button it will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

FeedArmy Copy Data Feed Link

Step 2 Sign in to Bing Advertising

Navigate to https://bingads.microsoft.com

Step 3 Create a Catalog

In the top menu click on Tools > Bing Merchant Center

Bing Menu Bing Merchant Center

Create or click on your store name

Bing Merchant Center Store

Click on Catalog Management > Create Catalog

Bing Create Catalog

  • Catalog Name : This can be anything you like
  • Enable Publishing : Untick if you want to create a test feed (good idea for the first time)
  • Location : Select your target country
  • Automatically download file from URL : Check this box under catalog feed file
  • Source URL : Paste your FeedArmy URL, you copied in step 1
  • Download Frequency : Set to daily
  • Download Time : Set 1 hour after FeedArmy has scheduled your import
  • Download Time Zone : Match the timezone you have set in FeedArmy under Fetch Schedule
  • Download when save : Check this box

Save your settings and wait for the results (might take up to an hour, depending on your settings)

Step 4 Checking Data Feed Import Information

Click on your store name from the breadcrumbs, and navigate back to Catalog Management, here you will see your newly created feed. Click on your feed.

You will get a filename warning, this can be ignored.

Check that all your products are imported under Product offers : xxx products detected

If you have any other errors, please fix these.

You can also check the status of the file in the table on the far right corner.

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