Add, Edit or Delete Additional Images For Google Shopping

Add, Edit or Delete Additional Images For Google Shopping

Google is continuously expanding it’s additional image feature, it is now even more important to start adding extra images. These are great for showcase your products with different perspectives, products demonstrations or parts of a bundle.

Google Shopping Additional Images


How Does FeedArmy Process Additional Images?

Additional images are imported automatically (if available in the eCommerce platform), if you already have existing products in FeedArmy and want to add additional images, simply enable the update rule under Import Tools > Update Rules and check the box next to additional images and save the settings

FeedArmy Additional Images



You can also manually add or remove additional images!

Simply go to Edit Tools > Edit Products and add the column under Basics > Additional Images
When reloaded, you can start adding, re uploading or delete images.

Google Guidelines

Additional images require certain criteria which are :

  • Include product staging or show product in use
  • Include graphics or illustrations
  • Show parts of a bundle
  • Display the entire multipack

Recommended :

  • Show product from different angles
  • Show product out of the packaging