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Specially Designed With BigCommerce In Mind

The most important features that helps you create affective data feeds.

BigCommerce Data Feed Optimization & Ease of Use.

Creating a product data feed for BigCommerce has never been easier.

FeedArmy connects to BigCommerce using a there API, allowing common attributes to be predefined, with no extra setup requirements. When subscribing, you receive a free Google Shopping specialist setup & advice. This allows you to avoid any headaches and leaves the complexity over to FeedArmy.

Best of all!, FeedArmy allows you to edit every little detail using automation or by manually editing attribute data, allowing you to improve your ranking with greater flexibility.

FeedArmy is also a great tool for DIY or in-house management, keeping simplicity & advanced features in mind.

Easy Connection

Easily import data using BigCommerce's API, simply add the credentials in FeedArmy and all important attributes are automaticly mapped when importing product data.

Daily Syncing

Daily sync's from BigCommerce at your specified time & timezone.

Advanced Editing

Editing data can be done using import rules or with the manually editor. Allowing you to edit attributes, product by product.

Simple Migration

Are you migrating from an existing feed supplier? FeedArmy can generate the same product ID's, so that you do not loose historic ranking or data.


Application Main Features

FeedArmy helps with all existing feed setups, however, you can also use FeedArmy as your dedicated data feed tool, if your existing one does not fulfill your requirements.

  • Free Feed Setup

    When you subscribe to any package a full free setup is included. *Excluding manually editing data

  • Import Main & Variant Products

    By default all eCommerce platforms will import variants, allowing you to increase your equity.

  • Import Rules

    With FeedArmy you can easily create custom attributes, for example, create a title using both brand + title + color. Or use if conditions to create rules.

  • Features

    • Extract source values
    • Use a combination of static values and custom values
    • Setup if conditions
  • Manual Editor

    Easily edit all your product info without affecting or changing your website information. You can also edit each marketplace without affecting one another.

  • Features

    • Independently edit products
    • Bulk edit using your favorite spreadsheet editor
    • Multi-filter options
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  • Automatic

    Easily connect and start importing all your products. By default all common attributes are pre-mapped, and data feeds generated.

  • Features

    • Connect & Export
    • Apply Custom Import Rules
    • Apply Update Rules
    • Apply Exclude Rules
  • Increase Ranking

    Improving your data feed quality is key to lowering your Google Ads CPC and increasing Traffic. FeedArmy features a diagnostics tool that allows you to automatically detect and suggest improvements on all Google Merchant Center attributes.

  • Features

    • Policy Violations
    • Required Fields
    • Ranking improvements
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  • Search & Replace

    With the search and replace feature you can easily use a simplified regex search functions to populate or replace other attributes or words. For example, search for colors in the title and populate the color attribute with the matched values.

  • Features

    • Search within any attribute
    • Populate or replace any value of an attribute
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  • Category Mapping

    Easily map your local eCommerce platform product types or categories to Google Shopping categories or any other supported channel. Easy lookup categories by typing a few words.

  • Supported

    • Google Merchant Center
    • Pricerunner
    • Admarkt
    • & more
  • Exclude Rules

    Easily exclude products in bulk, one by one or using conditions, great if you want to exclude products for when you encounter policy violations or for business decisions.

  • Features

    • Exclude in bulk by copying spreadsheet id's
    • Manually via the editor
    • Using if conditions
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  • Product Updates

    Easily update product data manually or using a daily automatic fetch.

  • Features

    • Only update attributes you define (Enable price updates, disable title updates, etc...)
    • Manually update data
    • Automatically update data
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