A Deep Dive Case Study Into Google Shopping

Let's see how I did with my clients

Travel Gear


This eCommerce client specializes in travel gear such as backpacks, packing cubes, messenger bags, etc... The client contacted me to improve there Google Shopping ROAS target. At the point of contact, the ROAS was 318% and a sales volume of 85 per month.

A key to ranking is an optimized data feed.

Quoted by: Emmanuel Flossie

Second Objective (Google Ads Shopping Campaigns)

The second task was to change the shopping strategy. The setup for the old campaigns was to bid the same regardless of the search term. I changed this to an advanced setup where we can bid based on the type of search term. Lowering bids for generic search terms, medium to high bids for relevant and medium bids for branded search terms. As the client is the manufacturer, I did not want to bid high for branded terms. This setup resulted in the ROAS to increase to 500% and a sales volume of 150 per month. While the goal was to increase ROAS, I also nearly doubled the sales volume.


With great success, I am glad that this client is continuing to grow in a positive direction, increasing sales volume, brand awareness, and ROAS


Increase the Google Shopping ROAS to 500%.

First Objective (data feed)

The data feed needed to be improved, as there were lots of missing variant attributes, inaccurate product identifiers, images with policy violations and default titles. This needed to be improved, so I connected the clients Shopify account to my FeedArmy data feed management tool and fixed all these issues, using rules and manual editing.

Success I achieved the clients goal.

Duration: 6 Months

Third Objective (increase sales volume)

The client already had text ads enabled and was self-managing this. With the success of the shopping campaign, I took over the whole account. At this stage, the overall sales volume was 204 with a ROAS of 428%. After implementing much-needed improvements, such as ad extensions, rewriting the ads, adding targeting, removing poor performing ones, I increased the sales volume to 470 with a ROAS of 718%. While the ROAS target was 500%, the extra positive return of investment is from brand awareness.

Designer Glasses & Sunglasses


The client a reseller in designer eyewear, contacted me for an account review of there Google Merchant Center and Google Ads Shopping campaign setup. After the consultation, the client hired me to implement the improvements.

Success I achieved the clients goal.

Increasing sales volume by 25% and ROAS by 28%.

Duration: 1 Month

Feed Issues

After a lot of feed issues, we migrated the Magento feed to my FeedArmy application so that improvements can be implemented.

Changing campaign strategy

While having full control over the shopping campaign is great, when there are 25k products to manage, we wanted to test if smart shopping would be able to do the same. After 2 months of testing, we realized that it was able to perform at the same level. This was achieved with a great data feed setup and due to high volume sales.

First Goal

Resolve data feed issues and setup an advanced shopping campaign.

First Objective (Google Ads Shopping Campaigns)

After the consultation, it was time to make all the changes required to increase sales volume and profits

Copy the successes to new target countries

With the client delivering all over the world, we started duplicating the successes to other countries.


Our ultimate goal was to keep a ROAS of 1000%, while I achieved the clients goals, I also increased the sales volume by 31%

Smartphone Cases


The client wanted to migrate there shopping feed to FeedArmy and as a secondary request, they wanted me to manage their account. They wanted to keep a reasonable sales volume and move away from there self-management setup and let me improve there advertising.

Goal 1 Achieved

Resolve data feed issues and set up an advanced shopping campaign. Here it was a monthly improvement, as you can see in the graph, the sales went up every month while keeping the cost per conversion under $17 until January 2019 (Goal 2)


Achieving the clients goals time over time, gives me great satisfaction

Goal 1

Migrate data feeds and implement advanced shopping campaign while keeping a cost per conversion of $17.

Goal 2

After December 2018, sales cost increased and sales volume dropped, the Christmas period had an effect. To keep the momentum going, we concluded to test new areas with a larger total budget and higher cost per conversion target.

Goal 2 Achieved

With a higher cost per conversion, I could start bidding higher for brand awareness, as this will result in more sales in the long term and short term. I achieved this by increased bidding on relevant search terms in the shopping campaign, creating showcase ads and implementing text ads. By doing this, I increased sales by 30%

Clients That Left A Review

With so many clients, there are also many great reviews!.

Sorin T.

After trying a few similar products out there we decided to stick with FeedArmy. Simple but brilliant! Emmanuel is our go-to man when we have a problem and he will always come up with the best solution which works for our business! Thank you for being part of the team!

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Adam C.

We would have no hesitation in recommending FeedArmy. We've worked with a number of external online advertising agencies over the years with varying degrees of success. However, from day one working with Emmanuelle and FeedArmy has been a joy.

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Daniel S.

The best company in Google Ads Shopping software and support. Smart people. Software that works well. Great dedicated support.

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Renee D.

Emmanuel is very helpful and he is with you in every step of the process. We are very happy with the quality and the communication and we will continue working with feedArmy.

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Chris B.

Emmanuel was easy to work with and ripped through the project quickly. Highly recommend if you need help setting up or auditing Google Shopping campaigns.

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John B.

Excellent Service. Emmanuel is highly responsive and really knows what he is doing. He explains clearly and slowly and responds to emails in a very timely manner bearing in mind he is in a very different time zone.

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